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Recycling and Reuse of Materials and Their Products

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By: Yves Grohens, S. Kishor Kumar, Abderrahim Boudenne, Yang Weimin.

Published: 2013 by Apple Academic Press | 262 Pages 

 This important book is an overall analysis of different innovative methods and ways of recycling in connection with various types of materials. It aims to provide a basic understanding about polymer recycling and its reuse as well as presents an in-depth look at various recycling methods. It provides a thorough knowledge about the work being done in recycling in different parts of the world and throws light on areas that need to be further explored. Emphasizing eco-friendly methods and recovery of useful materials
The book covers a wide variety of innovative recycling methods and research, including

• Green methods of recycling
• Effective conversion of biomass and municipal wastes
 to energy-generating systems
• A catalyst for the reuse of glycerol byproduct
• Methods of adsorption to treat wastewater
 and make it suitable for irrigation and other purposes
• Disposal of sludge
• The use of calcined clay to replace both fine and
 coarse aggregates
• Recycling of rubbers
• The production of a sorbent material for paper mill   sludge
• Replacing polypropylene absorbent in oil spill    sanitations
• The use of natural fibers for various industrial
• Cashew nut shell liquid as a source of surface active
• Integrated power and cooling systems based on biomass
• Recycling water from household laundering
• much more

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