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Practical Handbook of Processing and Recycling Municipal Waste

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By: AGR Manser, Alan Keeling

Published: 1995 by CRC Press | 544 Pages 


 If we could understand the scientific and engineering principles behind recycling, our ability to use reprocessed materials would improve considerably. If we could then apply those principles, our efforts to process and recycle waste would be significantly more efficient and cost-effective.
Practical Handbook of Processing and Recycling Municipal Waste provides all of the information necessary for vastly improving the way we recycle materials. It first develops basic engineering and scientific theories related to processing and recycling municipal waste. The authors then show how the behavioral characteristics of waste can actually be predicted with some degree of accuracy, hence turning waste disposal engineering from a matter of guesswork into a science.
From Europe to the United States to the Far East, humankind understands the need for, and the challenges of, recycling and reusing waste. This handbook is the guide to successful, efficient waste processing and reuse.

  • Treats waste as a raw material, rather than as a problem
  • Explains clearly how waste processes work
  • Emphasizes refuse-derived fuels and composts
  • Outlines the use of mathematical modelling
  • Shows that waste processes can be demonstrated mathematically
  • Uses tables and figures to illustrate points
  • Describes what is possible, not simply what is desirable
  • Covers emissions to air, land, and water
  • Describes all machinery and plant operations that may be used in the process
  • Avoids trade jargon 
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