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Transfer Station Compactors

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SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. October 26, 2009

SSI is one of the only manufacturers of large pre-load, transfer station compactors in the United States.

Transfer Station Compactors

SSI Pre-Load Compactors are used to compact, load and transfer from 25 to 125 tons of waste per hour into lightweight transfer trailers to maximize payloads for long haul transfer.

Automated controls ensure full length constant density force throughout the payload.

An efficient ejection system accurately positions loads on transport for optimum and legal weight distribution.

"Free standing" compacted loads allow you to use lighter tare weight trailers/containers, resulting in increased net payloads.

Model Overview

Bale size
7' x 7' x 13'
7' x 7' x 17'
7' x 7' x 33'
7' x 7' x 34'
Bale weight
10 tons
13-15 tons
25-30 tons
30-35 tons
Compaction force
200 tons
200-260 tons
200 tons
260 tons
Total cycle/bale
10-15 minutes
12-14 minutes
15 minutes
18 minutes
Rates per hour
35-55 tph
65 tph
100 tph
100-120 tph

*Compactor throughput is dependant upon hopper charging loading times and container availability. This rating assumes 30 second average hopper fill times, container availability, 50,000 lb. payloads and 350lb/yd3 feed material.

Achieve maximum payloads


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