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SSI Shredding Systems, Inc. October 26, 2009

Low-speed, high-torque, four-shaft shredders.

Dual-Shear Shredders

Especially suited for applications such as electronic scrap, tire recycling, alternative fuel production, and reduction of contaminated materials where uniform, small to medium particle size is desired.

Configured in a variety of sizes, power options, and cutter geometries.

Model Overview(click on model for specifications)

HP Range
Cutting Chamber*
Hopper Opening
36" x 40"
(900mm x 1025mm)
56" x 51"
(1430mm x 1290mm)
44" x 52"
(1125mm x 1315mm)
72" x 67"
(1825mm x 1700mm)
54" x 52"
(1380mm x 1315mm)
81" x 79"
(2055mm x 2010mm)
62" x 63"
(1565mm x 1610mm)
86" x 87"
(2190mm x 2210mm)
82" x 75"
(2075mm x 1905mm)
113" x 108"
(2875mm x 2745mm)
101" x 101"
(2560mm x 2555mm)
133" x 120"
(3380mm x 3050mm)

* Other configuarations avaliable; please consult factory. Dimensions are approximate.
** This model designation has changed, please see model page for information.


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