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Genesis Attachments LLC October 26, 2009

BHS has developed an innovative and highly effective screening device for processing materials such as soil, aggregate, asphalt, concrete, wood, ash, biomass, paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, tires, newsprint, municipal solid waste, and other miscellaneous materials that may be present in residential, commercial, and industrial recovery streams.

The B.H.S. Debris Roll Screen® (patented) circumvents many of the problems associated with the conventional disc screen and starscreen, such as material jamming and inaccurate material sizing. The increased operating efficiency and improved quality of the screened product can be attributed to the unique shape, positioning, and configuration of the rotating discs. Additionally, the triangular shape of the discs creates an aggressive, bouncing action that facilitates superior material separation. Nearly (1,000) Debris Roll Screen® units are processing materials throughout the world.


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