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Sherbrooke OEM Ltd October 26, 2009

Sherbrooke OEM Ltd is an innovative leader in the design, fabrication and turnkey installation of C&D Waste Classification Systems.

The C&D waste is deposited onto a Dual Finger Screen where the Heavies (8’’ +) and Lights (0’’ to 8’’) are separated. The separated material is then conveyed via Heavy Duty Apron Conveyors to the Rotary Screener and picking station. Our innovative Z pan Apron Conveyor operates at lower friction due to the incorporation of ball bearings in the design.

Our Rotary Screening System incorporates state of the art design features resulting in reduced maintenance, less operating noise levels and interchangeable perforated screen panels.

The addition of a single or double deck Star-Screen may be incorporated into the system as needed.

The picking station (single or double line) consists of slider bed Conveyor(s) mounted on a steel structure and disposed in a manner to increase productivity and maximize bunker space.

  • Transform your C&D waste pile into a pile of money !
  • System built to your custom specifications
  • Capacity : up to 500yd³/hr
  • Designed for easy operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Indoor or outdoor system
  • Optional Star-Screen device
  • Trommel sitting on pneumatic wheels for smoother running and less noise 
  • High versatility with perforated interchangeable plates


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