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IPS Balers, Inc. October 26, 2009
Since we already build the best we decided to make the fastest.
The IPS 2-Ram Baler has a solid reputation for quality construction and innovative design features. But did you know it also has the highest production rate and fastest thru-put on the market?
Fastest 2-Ram Baler in the world. The popular IPS 2-Ram Baler with its exclusive pre-compression lid is capable of producing up to 25 tons/hour OCC and 40-45 TPH of ONP and high grades.
Highest thru-put on the market. The exclusive design of the IPS Hydraulic Power Pack system pumps more oil than any other 2-Ram during the baling cycle delivering unmatched thru-put.
Maximum export capacity. Utilize the maximum load capacity on trucks, export containers, and rail cars with the uniform finished bale size of 30" X 45" X 62".
Increased productivity. The pre-compression lid virtually eliminates shearing thereby increasing life and performance of the IPS 2-Ram Baler.  The wide charge box essentially eliminates bridging and the need to precondition.


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