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GALAXY 2R™ Two-Ram Baler

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NexGen Baling Systems October 26, 2009

NEXGEN Galaxy2R Two-Ram horizontal balers feature new innovations and the latest technology. The GALAXY 2R, is a multi-material baler that can be configured for non-ferrous scrap, PET, aluminum cans, recycling centers, integrated into a MRF systems, or any other high throughput applications. It is available in narrow and wide charge box sizes.

The many standard and available features of NEXGEN Two-Ram Balers make them ideal for processing a wide variety of materials such as scrap, OCC, solid waste, newsprint, aluminum and steel cans, PET and, with the optional metals package, non-ferrous materials, and much more.

Features and Benefits:

  • GALAXY 2R Balers feature the NexDoor. This multi-purpose horizontally mounted door extends and retracts to serve as a bale separation door, bale release, bale clamp, and also allows for variable bale dimensions by changing the size of the ejection opening.*NexDoor is a standard feature on all models excluding the Galaxy2R 150
  • GALAXY 2R Series Balers can easily switch processing modes. They can handle a variety of recyclable materials such as copper, aluminum cans, OCC, solid waste, PET and much more.
  • Preset modes that allow you to easily change material settings
  • Large baling chamber
  • Variable bale dimensions
  • Laser Positioning - Main ram, ejector ram and the NexDoor are controlled by a laser positioning device. Tie positioning is determined by the laser and eliminates the need for a sprocketed counter wheel.
  • Full Penetration is standard on every model to fully compress material with every stroke allowing for denser bales.
  • Maestro Touch-Screen Operator Interface PLC programmable controller featuring automatic and manual controls, diagnostics and bale set-up functions.
  • Shear Blades ram shear blade is replaceable and reversible. Body shear blade is serrated and adjustable.
  • Replaceable Liners replaceable tongue & groove liners provide superior wear resistance.
  • Adjustable Shear Beam - The body shear blades are adjustable from the exterior of the machine.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction - honey-comb structure.
  • Advanced Structural Engineering & Construction with Superior Size-to-Weight Ratio
  • High-Efficiency Power Unit - Power unit available from 30 HP up to 2x100 HP; TEFC motors; flooded suction pumping system with high-flow hydraulic manifold; 10 micron filtration system; pressure and current transducers; separate cooling & tier circuit; and air-to-oil cooler.
  • Pressure transducers
  • Flooded suction pumping system
  • Separate cooling and tier circuit
  • Upper & Lower Infrared Actuators - upper infrareds are located on the access door and are adjustable the entire height of the feed hopper.
  • Optional Features

    • Stamper - Optional stamper automatically clears shear jams.

    For more information on Galaxy2R Two-Ram Balers visit www.NEXGENbalers.com/tworam.php


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