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Trade Promotion Authority legislation heads to President Obama

Ferrous, Legislation & Regulations, Paper 6/25/2015

AF&PA’s Donna Harmon issues statement in support of the legislation.

National Conference of State Legislatures weighs in on federal metals theft legislation

Legislation & Regulations, Metallics 6/23/2015

ISRI also opposes federal metal theft legislation.

Indiana Slow Down to Get Around law effective July 1, 2015

Municipal Recycling, Legislation & Regulations 6/17/2015

New law requires drivers to change lanes or slow down when passing sanitation trucks.

BIR requests transition-period extension to India’s preshipment inspection certifications

Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News, Metallics 6/17/2015

Joint letter with MRIA and ISRI also asks for exemption for large shredder operators.

Germany makes progress toward modern recycling law

Municipal Recycling, Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News 6/15/2015

Proposal calls for single-stream collection, competitive bidding and increased recycling.

SA Recycling lawsuit targets suspicious Arizona UBC collector

Nonferrous, Legislation & Regulations 6/9/2015

Civil lawsuit seeks damages caused by recycler alleged to have shipped UBCs illegally to California.

Syracuse, New York, council votes against reopening scrap yard

Nonferrous, Legislation & Regulations, Metallics 6/9/2015

City’s Common Council opposes American Iron & Metal’s plan to reopen former Roth Steel location.

Illinois bill increases annual amount electronics manufacturers must pay for recycling

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations 6/9/2015

Short-term fix is designed to reopen collection sites in the state.

Boulder, Colorado, adopts recycling requirements

Municipal Recycling, Legislation & Regulations 6/5/2015

City’s ordinance also includes flow control measure.

NRC hosts inaugural Sustainable Materials Summit

Legislation & Regulations, Conferences & Events, Nonmetallics 6/2/2015

NRC is developing what it calls a consensus-based national Sustainable Materials Management Action Plan.

Senator renews call for federal metals theft law

Nonferrous, Legislation & Regulations, Metallics 6/2/2015

Sen. Charles Schumer of New York backs federal legislation to mandate detailed records for scrap recyclers.

Georgia recycling firm cited by OSHA

Legislation & Regulations 6/2/2015

Government agency issues Recycling Revolution 26 citations following a November inspection..

Senators urge New York City mayor to end single-use polystyrene ban

Legislation & Regulations, Plastics 6/1/2015

As of July 1, 2015, the city's food service establishments will not be able to possess, sell or offer single-use foam items.

Federal government issues new rules for H-2B visa workers

Legislation & Regulations 5/26/2015

Federal agencies collaborate to issue new wage methodology and an interim final rule.

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