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Sims Group settles enforcement action at California plant

Ferrous, Legislation & Regulations, Auto Shredding, Metallics 11/25/2014

Voluntary $2.4 million settlement is allocated to facility upgrades, fines, reimbursements and supplemental cleanup costs.

Electronics Recycling Asia: Getting more formal

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News, Conferences & Events 11/24/2014

Efforts to bring small collectors and processors into a legitimate framework are difficult but underway.

CMRA 2014: Favorable but not fantastic

Ferrous, Nonferrous, Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News, Conferences & Events 11/21/2014

Some global trends favor increased recycling, but economic conditions pose a challenge in the short term.

Electronics Recycling Asia: A lot of bad acting

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News, Conferences & Events 11/21/2014

Illicit and unsafe activities continue to plague the electronics recycling sector.

Oregon DEQ fines Agilyx

Legislation & Regulations, Plastics 11/18/2014

State agency assesses plastics-to-fuel facility for hazardous waste violations at its Tigard, Oregon, facility.

Commodity hedging margin rules go into effect

Nonferrous, Legislation & Regulations 11/17/2014

Scrap traders among those who advocated for changes to CFTC rules.

California agency orders battery recycler to fund cleanup

Legislation & Regulations, Nonmetallics 11/13/2014

Exide required to set aside additional funds to cover the expected closure costs for its smelting facility.

CMRA 2014: Coping with risk

Ferrous, Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News, Conferences & Events 11/11/2014

As recycling competition increases in China, risk management and new business models may each gain in importance.

CMRA 2014: Seeking quicker clearance

Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News 11/10/2014

China’s customs agency tests a pilot system in Guangdong province to cut down on wait times for imported scrap containers.

Report finds UK recycling rate slowing

Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News, Paper 11/6/2014

EFRA report recommends steps, which DS Smith says it supports, to boost recycling.

DOJ arrests five in California recycling fraud case

Municipal Recycling, Legislation & Regulations 11/4/2014

Ring allegedly collected funds from already-redeemed beverage containers.

ISRI says state laws reflect industry efforts to end metals theft

Ferrous, Nonferrous, Legislation & Regulations 11/3/2014

Trade association touts the role of ScrapTheftAlert.com.

Pull-A-Part receives recognition for environmental efforts

Legislation & Regulations, Auto Shredding 10/14/2014

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce honors auto recycler with four environmental awards.

Exide Technologies seeks DIP financing extension

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations, Additional Commodities 10/14/2014

Battery manufacturer says extension would provide it with additional time to complete negotiations with its noteholders.

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