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Rare earth metals company receives financing

Electronics, Metallics 7/3/2015

Interim financing recipient Molycorp is researching rare earth metals recycling system.

New Jersey senate approves SB 2978

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations 7/1/2015

Bill removes environmental licensing requirement to shred electronic storage devices.

Information Systems Resources earns multiple industry certifications

Electronics, Certification 6/26/2015

Electronics recycler certifies to e-Stewards, R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Consumer electronics decline as portion of municipal waste stream in 2013

Electronics 6/24/2015

Recovery of consumer electronics from solid waste improves 27 percent year over year.

EPA report identifies opportunity to advance G7’s recognition of circular economy

Municipal Recycling, Electronics 6/24/2015

Agency's Sustainable Materials Management program promotes productive and sustainable use of materials across their life cycles

Nave Communications receives R2 certification

Electronics, Certification 6/22/2015

ADDvantage subsidiary offers decommissioning for surplus and obsolete telecommunications equipment.

NAID initiative meets with initial success in New Jersey Senate

Electronics 6/16/2015

State Senate committee votes in favor of removing the environmental licensing requirement for hard drive shredding.

Illinois bill increases annual amount electronics manufacturers must pay for recycling

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations 6/9/2015

Short-term fix is designed to reopen collection sites in the state.

Alba opens new electronics recycling facility

Electronics, International Recycling News 6/5/2015

German plant processes flat panel displays containing mercury lamps.

Samsung smartphones feature Alcoa aluminum

Nonferrous, Electronics 6/4/2015

Material strengthens phones' structure by 70 percent, Alcoa says.

BIR CONVENTION: Taking responsibility

Electronics, International Recycling News, Conferences & Events 5/26/2015

Representatives from two OEMs portray their companies’ efforts to manage sustainable end-of-life outcomes for their products.

BIR CONVENTION: Unwelcome classification

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations, International Recycling News, Conferences & Events 5/25/2015

Suggestions that scrap shipments should be accompanied by a chemical analysis could create an insurmountable barrier for many recyclers.

Materials Processing LLC corrects hazardous waste violations

Electronics, Legislation & Regulations 5/18/2015

Company agrees to pay $125,000 fine.

ALBA division awarded contract to build e-scrap facility in Hong Kong

Electronics, International Recycling News, Metallics 5/13/2015

The company receives award to design, build and operate an electronics recycling facility.

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