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European Plastics Recyclers Set Agenda for Conference

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Meeting scheduled for Nov. 18.19 in Berlin.

Recycling Today Staff November 9, 2010

The European Plastics Recycling Group will be holding its Annual Plastics Recycling Meeting Nov. 18-19 in Berlin.

The conference will hold a number of working group sessions segmented by the various types of plastics, including PET, PVC and PE. Additionally, other topics and speakers will include the following: Plastics recycling markets in Europe and worldwide; how packaging will become more sustainable; and the future of WEEE recycling in Europe.

For more information on the conference, visit http://www.plasticsrecyclers.eu/uploads/media/eupr/GA10/1285323097Plastics_Recyclers_Annual_Meeting_2010_-_Programme_Final.pdf


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