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Sage Sustainable Electronics to acquire Hugo Neu Recycling

Sage’s strategy to extend reuse will benefit Hugo Neu’s customers almost immediately, companies say. RSS

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Tantalum Recycling expands processing capacity

Company adds $1 million in chemical processing improvements.

Norsk Hydro invests in additional testing equipment

Norwegian aluminum maker says the ultrasonic equipment, already used at a recycling facility, offers automated quality control for automotive alloys.

Eurofer applauds anti-dumping duties on stainless steel imports

European Commission published the definitive duties in late August following an investigation of imports from China and Taiwan.


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Calling all wire choppers!

In our October 2015 issue, Recycling Today will present a list of wire and cable processing plants in the United States, and we are striving to make the list as complete as possible.

If you are affiliated with or know of a plant with automated wire and cable granulating and separation equipment, we ask that you please let us know by Aug. 25, 2015. Information provided by our readers can help Recycling Today’s editors make sure all appropriate facilities appear on the list.

By quickly filling out this form or emailing Editor Brian Taylor at, you can help the editorial staff verify the information and ensure the facility mentioned remains on or is added to the list before its publication.

Your help is appreciated!

The Recycling Today Editors

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