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Waste Processing Equipment, Inc. has been manufacturing the Max-Pak line of equipment since 1976.  The Max-Pak baler was built out of necessity.  Our founder has owned a waste paper company since 1972.  He needed a baler that would give a high-density bale that could be consistent in size and weight; he also needed a baler that would require very little service and maintenance.  He could not find the perfect baler for his needs, therefore he built one, and as a result the Max-Pak baler was born.

All Max-Pak equipment has heavy-duty structural frames and walls; and the best hydraulic and electrical components made.  We take pride in the quality of all equipment Waste Processing Equipment, Inc. manufactures.

 Max-Pak has over 88 different models of standard equipment and specialty equipment.  We also have a variety of custom equipment for those times when standard baling equipment just doesn’t fit the application.

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