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Product Spotlight

August 13, 2014

1. American Cutting Edge carbide inlaid knife. American Cutting Edge, a division of CB Manufacturing, headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio, has launched a new carbide inlaid densifier blade for a popular line of pelletizer machines used in the film industry. The company says the new blade features:

  • a significant increase in blade life span and cleaner cuts
  • a reduction in downtime resulting from blade changes
  • facilitates increased machine run time

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2. Bateman Hydra-Magnet. Bateman Manufacturing, based in Shanty Bay, Ontario, has added the new Hydra-Magnet to the company’s line of All-In-One attachments. Bateman says the Hydra-Magnet features:

  • a self-contained auxiliary-powered magnet and brushless, maintenance-free hydraulic generator combination
  • easily and efficiently adds magnetic function to excavators
  • can be used with various machines
  • ideal for lower duty cycle and occasional contractor use
  • can be attached to excavators set up with an auxiliary circuit and can be operated with the joystick control or button

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3. Devcon conveyor belt repair kit. New from ITW Polymers Adhesives North America (formerly ITW Devcon), based in Danvers, Massachusetts, is the Devcon R-Flex belt repair kit for heavy-weight styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) conveyor belts. The repair kit offers these features, according to the company:

  • formulated to quickly repair tears and gouges in SBR conveyor belts
  • excellent abrasion resistance and as superior adhesion
  • the urethane compound is easy to mix and cures quickly so that the repaired belt can be back in service just 90 minutes after application
  • kit has a two-year shelf life and includes a two-part surface conditioner, mix bucket, wooden paddle, scrub pad, gloves, paper towels and plastic spatula

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4. Vecoplan NewGen shredders. Vecoplan of Archdale, North Carolina, has introduced the NewGen series of shredders, with the following features:

  • built with direct drives to shredder cutting rotors
  • drive feature not only increases torque but also eliminates drive belts
  • maintenance time and costs are decreased proportionately
  • swing-up screens provide access to wear parts for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning
  • externally adjustable bed knives for maintaining optimal tolerances
  • reversible bed knives deliver twice the wear life
  • incorporate double sidewalls to help eliminate thermal transfer between the rotor and bearings

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