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INARE to Meet in Acapulco

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Mexican national recycling event set for Nov. 8-9, 2007.

October 12, 2007

The Hotel Fiesta Inn Acapulco will serve as the setting for the 15th International Mexican Recycling Congress and Expo, to be held Nov. 8-9, 2007.


The annual meeting of INARE (Instituto Nacional de Recicladores) serves as a critical meeting ground for those doing business in the secondary commodities industry in Mexico. Evening and social events will provide networking opportunities and make important business connections, according to an INARE news release.

According to long-time INARE board member and Congress organizer Carlos Rovelo, attendees at this year
s show will also learn about the competitive efforts underway between Mexican officials and importers and exporters of recyclable materials.


Nations represented at the Recycling Congress, beyond Mexico, will include Egypt, Canada, Spain, the United States and several Central and South American nations.


The congress agenda includes topics such as cross- and regional recycling alliances, logistics, secondary commodity markets and the current role of government in electronics recycling.


According to Rovelo, importers, exporters, brokers, transportation service providers, collectors, processors and equipment manufacturers are all welcome at the event.


The membership of INARE is comprised of collectors, processors, end users, as well as importers and exporters of secondary commodities.


Those seeking more information on the November Acapulco event can contact Carlos Rovelo at crovelo@aol.com.



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