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Aussie Firm Snaps Up Two More Companies

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CMA continues to grow its business in Australia.

September 28, 2006

Australian-based scrap metal company CMA Corp. has acquired two more Australian companies as it seeks to expand its metal processing and contracting business in the country.

The companies acquired are T&T Metal & Asbestos Services, Queensland; and J&M Metals, Port Hedland.

Peter Hatfull, CMA’s managing director, said the acquisitions would add significantly to the capability of CMA's metals and contracting divisions, and moves the group closer to its strategic objective of building a national infrastructure.

Hatfull added that the acquisition of the J&M Metals business would provide CMA Metals with a window into the burgeoning Pilbara region of WA.

"T & T Metal & Asbestos Services is a long-established contracting provider based in Brisbane but with a customer reach throughout Queensland," said Hatfull. "We were keen to build our business presence in the very robust Queensland market, and we are pleased to have secured this profitable business on satisfactory terms. The acquisition also represents an addition to our Australasian metal processing network as these activities will be run and operated from the same premises. "It also provides CMA with an increased platform from which to pursue contracts in asbestos removal and environmental remediation at a time when government and corporate spending in Queensland in these areas is high and still growing."

The acquisition of the J&M Metals business would provide CMA Metals with a window into the Pilbara region of Western Australia. "In particular, this acquisition gives us better access to business flow from the iron ore sector, where we have had existing relationships in contracting and metals for many years," said Hatfull.


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