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UK Newsprint Mill Lands Two Contracts

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Aylesford further strengthens its connection with municipalities in the United Kingdom.

October 24, 2005

Aylesford Newsprint Ltd. recently secured new contracts with Oxford City Council and Waverley Borough Council, both in the United Kingdom, for the supply of recovered newspaper and magazines through both curbside and drop-off collection programs.


Waverley Borough Council in Surrey was one of the first authorities to supply recovered paper to the Kent-based mill. The council began supplying Aylesford Newsprint with ONP and magazines collected via the drop-off program more than 10 years ago.


Since then a curbside collection program has been introduced and the amount of paper being supplied into the Aylesford paper mill has increased. In the last calendar year Waverley Borough Council’s newspaper and magazine recycling schemes resulted in more than 5,000 metric tons of recovered material being supplied to the mill. The new contract means that this successful diversion will continue for a further five years.


Similar successes have been recorded at Oxford City Council, an Aylesford Newsprint supplier for the last seven years. Here the council operates a curbside collection and paper bank scheme for newspapers and magazines which last year resulted in the diversion of 3,459 metric tons of recovered paper into the Aylesford mill.


Aylesford Newsprint recycles more than 500,000 metric tons of ONP and magazines each year in order to manufacture 400,000 metric tons of premium quality newsprint.


Commenting on these two new contracts, Chris White, Commercial Manager said: “Working together and forming partnerships with local authorities have always been at the heart of Aylesford Newsprint’s operation. We have always recognized the need to listen to and work with all of the parties involved within the recycling chain; from the householder upwards, everyone in the recycling process needs to be considered to ensure the best processes are instigated.


“Our contracts reflect this, providing long-term support and security for those who need it. Our dedicated Area Managers are on-hand to help with collection and supply queries and also to provide financial, marketing and practical assistance.”



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