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WRAP Introduces Materials Pricing Report

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Agency hopes new report will help boost recycling levels in the UK.

April 11, 2005


Ten months after its launch by the Waste & Resources Action Programme, the Materials Pricing Report is to be opened up to buyers to create a fairer and more transparent market.


The MPR is the independent and authoritative source of up-to-date price and market information for recyclable materials.


The MPR will no longer be restricted to collectors and sellers of recyclable glass, plastic and paper, with buyers also being eligible to receive the report, which is totally confidential and free of charge.  Subscribers to the service, who agree to supply the prices paid for recyclable materials developed for re-processing or export, provide information within the report.


WRAP’s aim is to see more buyers and sellers recycling more waste, and a fair system based on open and transparent pricing is seen as a way to ensure that everyone can compete on a level playing field. The report has 75 current subscribers, including a significant number of local authorities and councils and five leading waste management companies whose combined turnover exceeded £600m in 2002-3.


Bevis Watts, Business and Finance Programme Manager at WRAP, says: “This is an exciting development for the MPR, which has already proved successful with local authorities and waste management companies.


 “The MPR contains actual prices paid in contracts, avoiding a false market based on rumor and estimates, and it provides consistent reporting so that there is an archive where trends can be spotted. By including buyers as well as sellers, both sides are able to enter contract negotiations with the same information.”


Peter Gerrard, editor of the MPR, of ICIS-LOR, says: “The basis of the information shown in the MPR will remain the same, with the additional advantage that a larger number of users from both sides of the market will provide market views and increase the quantity and quality of data contributing to the price range tables. We know that current subscribers will welcome this further enhancement to market transparency.”


 In order to ensure commitment and quality within the MPR, WRAP has introduced a number of safeguards:


·            membership of the MPR still requires the subscriber to supply information on contracts and deals in order to benefit from the aggregated data;


·           where possible the details of a deal will be collaborated by the buyers and sellers;


·           double accounting of the same deal or contract will be avoided;


·           ‘rogue’ figures will be commented on where an explanation is clear, or removed from the figures if they cannot be justified, such as contracts for materials not to a standard specification and


·           supplied explanations for variations will be checked by the Editor of the MPR and collaborated with experts within WRAP, if appropriate.


To find out more information and/or sign up to the MPR, visit www.wrap.org.uk/mpr or call Peter Gerrard on 01782 318859 or email peter.gerrard@icislor.com.






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