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Paper, Metals Recycling Directories Available Online

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January 31, 2005


The Paper Recycling Markets Directory and the North American Scrap Metals Directory, two annual reference books for the recycling industry, are now available at an online resource for companies involved in the industries. (click here to view the web site -- Online Recycling Directories) 


The two directories, which have been published annually, can now be accessed for more focused searches and downloads. This method allows for greater flexibility for the directories.


While the reference directories are still available in book format, this new method of accessing the directories allows a user to view the company listings in a new way. Additionally, while the book is updating annually, with the new format company information is updating daily, giving users even greater targeted marketing opportunities.


Presently there are more than 9,000 companies listed in the online version of the directory. That number is expected to grow as we begin incorporating information from companies outside the traditional market areas of the United States and Canada.


The online version is available in two formats. In the first format the information can be searched in dozens of ways, from state by state searches, to grades handled, types of operations, and even name of a key contact.


In the second version, a user can perform an unlimited number of searches, and download any searches to the user’s own hard drives.


This flexibility will give a potential user a more targeted list of customers/contacts.


More information on the online version of the directory may be obtained by contacting Heidi Spangler at either hspangler@gie.net, or by telephone at (216) 961-4130.


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