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Electronics Summit Coming to Boston

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Electronics recycling event scheduled for May 19-22.

February 7, 2003

The International Association of Electronics Recyclers (IAER) and the Computer Society Technical Committee on Electronics and the Environment of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.) will be presenting the Fourth Electronics Recycling Summit May 19-22, 2003 in Boston.

The event will be held in coordination with 11th International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment. Both events have been designated as the “2003 Going Green International Congress and Exhibition.”

A key feature of the events is the presentation of research papers from universities and research institutes in the North America, Europe and Asia.

The event’s organizers say it will “provide an opportunity for the electronics industry and the electronics recycling industry to share technical and scientific knowledge, as well as the latest operational and management strategies, business practices and regulatory concerns. The event will bring together engineers, managers, electronics recyclers, and others engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and recycling of electronic products.

The 2003 Symposium and Summit will include updates on environmental design, manufacturing, research, marketing, recycling practice and policy broken down into 19 technical sessions presented over a four-day span.

Guest speakers at general sessions will include Brad Allenby, a vice president with AT&T Corp., Bedminster, N.J.; Eileen Clausen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, Washington; Chris Tuppen of British Telecommunications Group, London, and chair of the Global e- Sustainability Initiative; and John Howard, the Federal Environmental Executive, Washington.

The Electronics Recycling Summit portion of the event, to be held on Thursday, May 22, will include a panel of representatives addressing the roles they play in the global electronics recycling infrastructure. They will also address what impact proposed regulatory changes discussed earlier in the program may have on their ability to provide materials recovery services.

The panel will address recycling best practices and discuss how pending regulatory changes may affect their operations, including recent scrutiny of the international shipment of materials.

More information on the conference as well as a registration form can be found online at the IAER’s Web site, www.IAER.org.


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