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Steinert Defends its Trademarks

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Company issues reminder that many of its products carry international trademarks.

August 11, 2009

German magnetic equipment maker Steinert has issued a news release stating that the brand names of many of the products it sells to recyclers around the world have been “given international protection in recent years.”


“This currently applies to the Hybrid Drum, the most recent stage of development of the magnetic drum which has been successful in the shredder industry,” says the company.


“Further trademark rights exist for sensor sorting systems, such as the induction sorting system ISS, the color sorting system FSS and the X-ray sorting system XSS,” the company’s news release continues. “Trademark rights have also been applied for international markets for the new CanMaster eddy current separator.”


More information on the Steinert product line can be found at www.steinertus.com and at www.steinert.de.


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