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BRT Offers Small Appliance Recycling Device

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Crack-O-Mat is designed to help dismantle small electronic appliances.

July 15, 2009

BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH of Germany is offering the Crack-O-Mat dismantler, designed to crack open smaller electronic appliances while keeping components intact.


“The safe slow runner cracks the plastic housings carefully and coarsely,” says BRT in a news release. “In this way, metal parts, boards and motors remain largely intact. The sorting personnel can remove these parts hazard-free.” Minimal dust and dirt are released into the air, according to the company.


“The Crack-O-Mat produces an even material stream which facilitates sorting substantially,” says BRT. “Due to its low noise level and low space require-ments, the dismantler can be used everywhere.”


The company says its device offers an alternative to opening small electronic and household appliances by hand. BRT cites the plastic housings of toasters, vacuum cleaners, games consoles, toys and tools as target markets.


Such devices typically “have to be opened manually for getting to the metal parts inside. This work is laborious and hazardous, be-cause the housings may splinter during break-up,” says the company.


More information on the product can be found at www.brt.info.


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