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Plastics Conversion Technologies Enters Land Acquisition and Development Deal with Wisconsin City

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EnviroPlastics Inc. to operate a plastics recycling and conversion facility on the site.

May 19, 2009

GeoBio Energy Inc., dba Plastics Conversion Technologies Inc. (PCT), a Colorado-based plastics cleaning, separation and recycling company, has announced a land acquisition and development agreement with the city of Fond du Lac, Wis., to purchase 12.24 acres of developable land in the Southwest Industrial Park just outside of the city.


In Fond du Lac, PCT plans to construct a plastics recycling and conversion facility. To be operated by EnviroPlastics Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of PCT.


Gary De Laurentiis, founder and COO of PCT, says, "This is an absolutely ideal location for our company to build a facility. It is situated almost halfway between a large supplier (our source of auto shredder residue) and the landfill where that supplier has been transporting the very waste materials that we'll be cleaning and recycling. In addition, we'll be bringing in a 1.5-mile rail spur to the completed facility, giving us access to nationwide freight service from the plant for our recycled materials."


Brenda Hicks-Sorenson, president of the Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation, adds, "When EnviroPlastics decided that Fond du Lac County was a good fit for their needs and their company, we were pleased to know that we would have the opportunity to continue to work with them and to have Plastics Conversion and EnviroPlastics as part of the strong business community in Fond du Lac County."


Plastics Conversion Technologies was formed in 2009 via the merger of GeoBio Inc. and EnviroPlastics Inc., with the intent to supply recycled commercial plastics to the automotive and consumer products industries. The company plans to construct large-scale plastics recycling facilities near automotive shredder locations nationwide. Operating in conjunction with Sadoff and Rudoy Industries, the company, using a patent-pending process developed by EnviroPlastics, will produce recycled commercial grade plastics ready to be re-introduced into commerce. Additionally, in conjunction with other Strategic Partners, PCT will convert waste and scrap plastic into energy products, including synthetic oil.



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