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Sierra Introduces its REB-1 Baler

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“Recycle Everything Baler” designed to handle multiple materials.

May 18, 2009

Sierra International Machinery, Bakersfield, Calif., has introduced the REB-1 two- ram baler. The REB stands for "Recycle Everything Baler," which the company says is what the REB-1 is designed to accomplish.

According to a Sierra news release, the product can be deployed across the spectrum of the scrap metal and recycling industries.  “It will bale all nonferrous material including difficult to bale items like stainless steel, wire and radiators as well as recyclables such as OCC (old corrugated containers), plastics and paper,” says the company.


The company is marketing the REB-1 as “the only baler designed by scrap processors for the scrap processing industry.”


The REB-1 can be run in an automatic mode or with an operator. It features a remote power pack designed for ease of installation; a 3-micron filtration system that cleans the hydraulic oil when the baler is offline; and stationary shear knives with segmented, serrated edges that have four useable sides.


More information about the new REB-1 baler can be found at www.sierraintl.com.


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