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BIR Announces Nonferrous Programming

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Markets in China, India and Brazil receive extra attention.

April 16, 2009

The BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) Non Ferrous Metals Division’s plenary session at the 2009 World Recycling Convention, taking place in Dubai on Tuesday, May 26, has been designed to provide an overview of the world’s markets at a glance.


According to the BIR, speakers from three major business regions – China, India and Brazil – will offer their insights into the situation in their respective markets and how they are coping with the global economic and financial crisis.


Bianca Vicintin Abud, International Trade Manager of the Brazilian Metalur Group, will focus in her presentation on the secondary aluminum industry in Brazil. Metalur Group is one of the largest secondary aluminum alloy producers in Latin America with three smelters and one dross processing plant. In 2008, Metalur Group imported more than 28,800 metric tons of aluminum scrap. Aluminum scrap availability has always been insufficient in Brazil, a situation that in recent months has been aggravated by economic conditions, according to the BIR.


Ujjwal Munjal, CEO of Rockman Industries of India, who also gave a presentation at the 2008 BIR Convention in Monte Carlo, will provide a perspective and a nonferrous overview of the Indian sub-continent’s market activity. Rockman Industries is a manufacturer of high-precision castings and part of the Hero Group.


The speaker from China is freelance reporter Lili Shi, who previously worked for the China Non Ferrous Industry Association. She has also been engaged in scrap metal brokering and has acted as a mediator in trade disputes between scrap suppliers and Chinese. She will offer her views on the changes in China’s economy and its impact on the metals sector as well as on the future demand of aluminum and copper.


In addition to these specific reports, board members of the BIR Non Ferrous Metals Division will provide updates on the situation in their respective countries and regions.



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