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Rogue Disposal Partners with ECS Refining

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ECS to provide electronics recycling services through its collection service center ECS Regenesys.

June 11, 2008

Rogue Disposal and Recycling, Medford, Ore., has partnered with ECS Refining, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based processor of electronic scrap, to recycle obsolete electronics. Rogue will be serviced by ECS’s new collection service center ECS Regenesys in Medford, Ore.


With its automated, proprietary “Regenesys Process,” ECS has the ability to process 30,000 pounds of electronic products per hour. ECS guarantees environmentally safe recycling of computer products and the secure destruction of confidential data.


“ECS Refining has been dealing in precious metals and safely processing hazardous materials in Silicon Valley for 30 years,” Curt Spivey, ECS Refining vice president of corporate development, says. “We have had the advantage being located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, being a refinery and hazardous waste treatment facility to develop our process in cooperation with and for top Fortune 100 companies. With our Regenesys Guarantee, nothing leaves our hands until it has been completely regenerated back into raw materials.” Spivey adds, “With the Regenesys process, nothing goes into landfills.”


Rogue Disposal and Recycling General Manager Wendel Smith says, “With ECS and its Regenesys process, we can verify the complete recycling of all components that make up the e-waste we collect. Other companies we researched recycle only portions of the product or simply ship it overseas to create an environmental problem elsewhere. We’re very excited about this combined effort with ECS.” 


Rogue Disposal and Recycling provides a wide variety of services, including a full range of residential, commercial and industrial solid waste collection; curbside commingled household recycling pickup; residential and commercial medical waste service; Rogue Shred confidential on-site document shredding; curbside yard debris collection; large item and extra rubbish removal; and other services.


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