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Sweden’s Stena Acquires Romanian Recycler

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Stena enters the Romanian electronics recycling market.

February 8, 2008

The Swedish recycling company Stena has acquired a majority of the shares in a Romanian electronics recycling company.


Stena’s acquisition of DTM Waste Recycling SRL will result in a subsidiary called Stena DTM SRL. “The main focus of the company’s operations will be processing [and] recycling of waste from electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with the European Union’s WEEE directive,” according to a Stena news release.


DTM Waste Recycling SRL, which was started in 2006, “has rapidly gained the respect of its customers by providing high and professional quality level of services in waste management, a fast developing field in the Romanian economic sector,” according to the Stena news release.


The new company Stena DTM SRL will have three operating locations in Romania. Its headquarters will be in the city of Jilava.


Stena Metall Group is a leader in recycling and environmental services in the Scandinavian region and has operations throughout Europe, with 250 locations in 11 European nations. The company recycles and processes ferrous and nonferrous metals, recovered paper, plastics, electronic scrap, hazardous waste, chemicals and other materials.


Stena bills itself as a “European leader in WEEE recycling, with 15 years of experience

[in] electronics recycling.”


More information on Stena Metall Group can be found at www.stenametall.com/English/.


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