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Publisher's Focus--Relief Through Recycling

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Jim Keefe February 18, 2005

The massive and devastating tsunami that hit nations throughout Southeast Asia and other parts of the world may be out of the headlines by now, but the effects still linger. The scale and depth of the devastation left behind will be felt for years to come; in fact, generations.

In learning about this disaster, and watching the coverage of what those who will rebuild these cities, towns, nations and neighborhoods are left with, I could not help but think how we in the recycling industry could help. Taking that which has been made unusable or is at the end of its useful life and converting it into a material with new life is at the heart of this industry.

Businesses exist in North America because they are experts in reclaiming resources and, in the process, creating employment and purpose. This expertise itself offers the opportunity to help these communities in ways that donations could never measure.

Equipment providers to the industry have developed great specialization in producing machinery specially suited to demolition, recycling and recovery activities. In fact, some of these global leaders were the first to reach out to victims with modern machinery to help in recovery work. More of this equipment will be necessary to complete the work that is still in its early stages.

Reports have shifted away from the enormous outpouring of immediate relief, which was so vitally necessary at the outset, to the rebuilding of lives and villages. Rebuilding will take place outside of the spotlight, but will be a much longer process. It is a process to which our industry is particularly well suited to make contributions.

For this reason, the Recycling Today Media Group will be dedicating a portion of its editorial coverage to our industry’s ongoing contributions to tsunami relief and rebuilding. Please let us know of your activities and contributions, and also your projects. We are eager to hear about any contributions you are aware of from within the recycling, solid waste, heavy equipment or other industries allied to our field.

Please also consider how your business might reach out to these victims, or others. The ongoing support of non-profit organizations is vitally important in a time of international need. Take a moment to consider, as many of you have already done, how you might be able to contribute. Our industry is filled with some of the most creative, ingenious and innovative engineering and business minds in the world. We can help in rebuilding hope through purpose by contributing what we know best, how to rebuild and recycle!

Please be generous to those in need.


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