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November 9, 2001


A sealant and coating product using crumb rubber as a base ingredient has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Urecoats Industries Inc., Pompano Beach, Fla., has received a patent for its Rubber Sealant Membrane (RSM) formula, known as UrecoatRSM-100.

According to Urecoats Industries president and CEO Timothy M. Kardok, the patent covers the formula used to make the company’s developing line of RSM products, which has applications in several markets.

"We look forward to pioneering further advancements with RSM technology, not only in our core business of commercial and industrial roofing, but also in the additional target markets of bridges, concrete and steel," says Kardok.

He adds that early tests in cross over applications indicate that UrecoatsRSM-100 acts as a corrosion and degradation inhibitor for steel and concrete. "Concrete structures, especially those located in coastal areas or in regions of the country where de-icing salts are commonly used, are experiencing rapid deterioration," says Kardok. "It’s an enormous market. In other words, the materials builders thought were impervious to corrosion have been infiltrated by moisture in cracks resulting from shrinkage of the cement or movement of the structure."

The company’s spray technology delivers hot, even coats of a formula consisting of a blend of recycled crumb rubber, polyurethane, asphalt and other chemical agents. The formula’s strength, elasticity and longevity is attributed to the presence of crumb rubber made from recycled tires.


East Coast recyclers looking for an end market for mixed plastic scrap are rooting for a Massachusetts company making planters with the recyclable material.

Selectech Inc., Taunton, Mass., is marketing EcoPlanters as "high-quality lightweight decorative planters made from 100 percent recycled plastic."

The planters join the company’s line of plastic landscaping timbers, parking space barriers and industrial flooring as products turning "commingled, un-cleaned" plastic into injection-molded finished products.

Currently, SelecTech uses approximately 2,000 tons of scrap plastic annually, including carpet scrap, wire and cable scrap, post-industrial PVC scrap and HDPE bottle scrap.

SelecTech, founded by current president Thomas Ricciardelli, was chosen as the 1998 Massachusetts Manufacturing Recycler of the Year by the Massachusetts Recycling Coalition. The company currently has 30 full-time employees and a 60,000 square foot plant in Taunton.

The EcoPlanter is being marketed as weighing only one-third of what traditional clay planters weigh, yet being able to withstand harsh winters while remaining leak-proof and shatter-proof.


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