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American Pulverizer launches preshredder line

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Dual-shafted, hydraulically powered preshredder is designed to pull apart aluminum bundles.

Recycling Today Staff July 30, 2014
American Pulverizer Co., based in St. Louis, has developed a line of dual-shafted hydraulically powered prerippers designed for pulling apart UBC (used beverage cans) bundles and aluminum siding and sheet at rates of up to 30 tons per hour, the company says. 
The preshredders can be grapple or conveyor fed. These low-speed, high-torque machines consist of two opposing rolls with large ripping teeth, American Pulverizer says. A large clearance between the rows of teeth is designed to accommodate infeed material, and the differential speeds allow the teeth to rip and shred material. 
According to American Pulverizer, the slow speed of these preshredders ensures a minimum of fines generation. The preshredders are designed to make a product ideal for processing in secondary machines to achieve a product for melting purposes.
More information is available from American Pulverizer at 314-781-6100. Callers should ask for brochure No. BLB-14.


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