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Cascade Cart Solutions launches software to track cart fleets

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Each time a delivery, swap, repair or removal is made, the cart’s RFID tag is scanned.

Recycling Today Staff May 5, 2014
Cascade Cart Solutions, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has announced the launch of CartLogic, a Web-based, cloud-managed software solution for tracking, maintaining and reporting on waste, recycling and organics cart fleets. The company launched CartLogic at the 2014 WasteExpo show, held April 28 to May 1 in Atlanta.

CartLogic manages residential roll-out cart maintenance and location information using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, GPS systems and cloud computing, according to the company. Each time a delivery, swap, repair or removal is made, the cart’s RFID tag is scanned and the type of service provided is entered, generating a service history log for each cart. The information synchronizes with CartLogic’s cloud-based platform, securely storing all cart inventory data online, Cascade explains.

As an online tool and mobile solution, the CartLogic platform allows for:
  • all inventory to be managed electronically and in one place;
  • information to be available in real time from anywhere through a preferred Internet-enabled device;
  • portal accessibility to multiple employees within the same team simultaneously;
  • data to be automatically compiled into downloadable electronic reports to increase inventory transparency and account for services rendered; and
  • cloud management, increasing data security and enabling automatic updates without scheduled maintenance downtime.

“Today, it is estimated there are nearly 120 million residential waste and recycling carts at curbs throughout North America. As a hauler or municipal solid waste department, whether you call yours garbage cans, trash bins or collection containers, that’s a lot of assets to manage, especially through paper-based spreadsheets and systems,” says Mark Harvey, Cascade director of technology and asset management. “Now, more than ever, the accuracy and accessibility of your database will be key to maintaining customer accounts and positive revenue growth. CartLogic will not only streamline service operations and improve the bottom line, but it will also simplify the process and prepare businesses for what’s to come in the future.”

Cascade says one of the biggest challenges facing waste and recycling haulers and municipalities is the ability to locate cart assets and accurately track the service history of those carts between staff in the field and operations in the back office. Collections managers are beginning to understand the true business value of knowing where their assets are and managing those assets throughout their useful life.

Cascade adds that its CartLogic provides the ability to track carts from manufacture to assembly and delivery by assigning each asset to a specific customer location (address and geolocation),and then manage the useful life of that entire cart fleet during swaps, drops, repairs and removals. In addition, haulers and municipalities can associate specific costs with types of services rendered to track the life-cycle cost of each of their cart assets.

For more information on CartLogic, visit www.cascadecartsolutions.com.


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