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Number of R2 certified companies passes 500

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XTechnology Global is the first electronics recycler to be certified to R2:2013.

Recycling Today Staff February 25, 2014

Boulder, Colo.-based R2 Solutions has announced that a total of 508 electronics recycling companies have been certified to the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) standard as of mid-February.

"It's been extremely exciting to see the growth of R2 certification around the world," says Henry Leineweber, program director for R2 Solutions. "R2 certified facilities are now present in 14 countries, and we expect this number to grow significantly this year."

R2 Solutions is the governing body that administers the R2 certification program. It is a nonprofit organization that services, supports and educates companies on the opportunities associated with R2 certification.

R2 certification is designed to certify that electronics recycling and refurbishing facilities conform to the R2 Standard, which is based on best practices in environmental health and worker safety, data security applicable laws. The standard was originally developed in 2008 through a joint process convened by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and involving electronics recyclers and refurbishers, manufacturers, retailers, nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders.

R2:2013, the updated version of the standard, emphasizes repair and reuse, record keeping and reporting, environmental health and safety planning, data security and other updates, R2 Solutions says.

R2 Solutions says that of the 508 facilities certified, a number are seeking certification under R2:2013, with the first such facility successfully certified in January 2014. XTechnology Global, headquartered in Danvers, Mass., earned the distinction of becoming the first company to achieve certification to the newly upgraded R2:2013 Standard.

Michael Saia, CEO and founder of XTechnology Global, says, “We are pleased to be the first to comply with this new rigorous standard. The R2:2013 certification is clearly head and shoulders above any existing electronics recycling standard and puts XTechnology Global in a new class of e-waste service providers going forward.

“The R2:2013 Standard incorporates ISO 14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 and shows our commitment to not only the environment but [also] to quality and to our existing customer base,” he continues.”

R2 Solutions says that in the year ahead, all R2:2008 certified facilities will need to recertify to the R2:2013 standard.


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