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Shred-Tech releases the MDX-2 shredding truck

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Company offers “ultra high security” truck that builds on the MDX-1.

SDB Staff January 28, 2014

shredded paperCambridge, Ontario-based Shred-Tech has introduced the MDX-2 Ultra High Security shredding truck, which the company says is an advancement its MDX-1 truck.

The MDX-2 can produce DIN (German Institute for Standardization) 4 (medium to high security) sized particles with the press of a button. In regular shred mode, the MDX-2’s ST-15H shredder can shred up to 6,500 pounds per hour, while in high security mode it can shred up 1,100 pounds per hour, according to Shred-Tech.

MDX units can shift between regular and ultra high security mode instantly, the company says, and do not use screens or stacked shredders to achieve ultra-high-security shred size.

Standard features, such as Shred-Tech’s digital Plus-1® controls, enclosed bin tunnel, universal gripper tipper and predictive idle with remote start / stop, are included on the MDX models.

Shred-Tech specializes in solutions for everything from paper, tires, municipal solid waste and plastics to e-scrap, metals, wood and medical and hazardous waste.


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