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Jake, Connor & Crew extends safety program participation

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Container manufacturer joins Safety Groups Advantage Program.

SDB Staff January 27, 2014

Jake, Connor & Crew, Kitchener, Ontario, has announced its successful completion of the Safety Groups Program, which it describes as “an elite safety-focused program which demands of its participants a dedication to safety levels and monitoring superior to their peers.”

The Safety Groups Program is a program of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Toronto. According to the WSIB, the program offers financial rewards to employers that demonstrate that they have achieved their safety-related goals and have improved the injury and illness performance of their workplaces. Participating groups may receive rebates of up to 6 percent of their WSIB premium.

Jake, Connor & Crew says it is now monitoring its ongoing safety commitment and success by participating in the Safety Groups Advantage Program. This program is designed to help participating companies:

  • Continue implementing health and safety improvements beyond the original five years of their Safety Groups Program membership;
  • Maintain a sustainable health and safety management system;
  • Positively influence their safety culture with tools that allow them to continue annual internal audits; and
  • Progress toward an audited health and safety management system (HSMS).

“As a manufacturer, the safety of our “Crew” is our utmost priority and allows us not the opportunity to produce at levels which are not only safe for the individual, but also at an efficiency unmatched by our peers. We never wish to sacrifice quality or safety in the manufacturing of our product lines,” says Pat Connor, president of Jake, Connor & Crew. “This was a challenging program and clearly illustrates our ongoing commitment to safety throughout our manufacturing process. This elite level of safety could only have been achieved with the past and ongoing full support of all of the “Crew." We are all very proud of our accomplishment.”

More information is available at http://jakeconnorandcrew.com/Safety-Group-Program-.htm


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