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Ferrex Engineering Introduces Shredder Software

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Gordon Iron & Metal installs software package designed to boost efficiency of its shredder.

Recycling Today Staff September 6, 2013

Ferrex Engineering, Ajax, Ontario, Canada, has introduced its newest software package designed for auto shredder operators. The company says the shredder optimizer software has been built on a foundation of maximizing efficiency and reducing conversion costs. Ferrex says its RDL (Recycling Data Logger) is “the ultimate shredder tool box that provides the shredder operator with real-time insight” into its operations.

Ferrex says its RDL package provides the operator with real time data that allows the shredder operator to increase efficiency as much as possible. The software package can produce reports that track the productivity of the shredder and determine if there are areas causing problems.

Designed specifically for ferrous and nonferrous operators, RDL includes production scheduling, real-time productivity, equipment monitoring, preventive maintenance, density analysis and other features.

Gordon Iron & Metal has recently installed the RDL package and has adopted the RDL iPhone application to ensure its managers are never disconnected from the company’s auto shredder. The scrap metal company, based in Statesville, N.C., is a family-owned firm that was founded nearly 100 years ago.

Nathan Burns, Ferrex Engineering’s director of business development, says with the RDL package a company’s management can be more involved with the shredder team.

Ferrex Engineering provides automation upgrades and consulting service. More information on the company can be found at www.ferrexeng.com.

Ferrex had earlier worked with New York-based Gershow Recycling on a multi-million dollar upgrade at its auto shredder in Medford, N.Y. In addition to supplying Gershow with a new pulpit, control chair and an Allen Bradley ControlLogix unit, Ferrex’s Shredder Optimizer, which focuses on maximizing productivity, efficiency, profitability and quality, also was installed in Medford.

Ferrex says its products and services can continuously improve shredder operations by maximizing tonnage and minimizing costs.


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