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SAF Holland Fifth Wheels Now Available on Class 8 Trucks

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FWAL aluminum fifth wheels are designed to be lightweight.

CDR Staff August 28, 2013

SAF-Holland, a manufacturer of fifth wheels, has announced that its Holland FWAL Aluminum Fifth Wheel is now available at all Class 8 OEMs for online installation.

SAF Holland says that the FWAL fifth wheel is approved for all on-highway standard-duty applications. The company adds that the FWAL is the world’s lightest weight and only aluminum standard-duty fifth wheel.

Holland says that its FWAL fifth wheel has been engineered using advanced Alcoa aluminum forging technology and is up to 100 pounds lighter than competitive fifth wheels without sacrificing durability or reliability.

Featuring LowLube technology, the FWAL includes a grease-free top plate surface that is equipped with steel reinforced lube plates for superior wear and peel resistance.

The FWAL is backed by SAF-Holland’s performance guarantee, which the company says guarantees performance, durability, material and workmanship.

For more information, visit www.safholland.us.


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