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SITA UK Offers Closed-Loop Recycling Service


Company’s ‘shred-to-tissue’ service developed in partnership with SCA Hygiene Products.

Recycling Today Staff June 19, 2013

The recycling and waste management firm SITA UK has launched a service to shred confidential papers and recycle the material into tissue products. The tissue products will be sold back to the customer.

SITA UK is a part of the French-based waste management firm Suez Environnement.

The program, developed in partnership with SCA Hygiene Products, creates what is described as a closed-loop solution for customers.

The service was introduced following feedback from customers who said they wanted a practical way to demonstrate environmental improvements they are making, according to SITA UK.

Jerome Mingaz, SITA UK’s head of secure shredding, says, “‘Shred to tissue’ is a great example of the circular economy in action. SITA UK collects and shreds any confidential paper disposed of by customers, in compliance with all current legislation and standards. Once reduced to finely shredded paper, the material is then sent for recycling at SCA’s UK mill based in Prudhoe, U.K., where it is processed to produce tissue. The tissue is then converted into Tork hygiene paper products for use in washrooms, office buildings, food service requirements, industrial facilities and healthcare organizations.

“This scheme represents the circular economy in its simplest terms, taking something you consider as waste at the end of its life and turning it into a tangible end product which you can use. ‘Shred to tissue’ demonstrates that customers have the ultimate sustainable supply chain.”


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