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Ferrex Assists in Shredder Project

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Engineering company provides technology for Gershow Recycling shredder upgrade.

Recycling Today Staff February 11, 2013

Ferrex Engineering Ltd., Ajax, Ontario, Canada, has been selected by Gershow Recycling, Medford, N.Y., to play a large part in the company’s multi-million dollar upgrade of its shredding plant.

Ferrex has supplied a new pulpit, control chair and Allen Bradley ControlLogix automation to the plant, located in Medford. Ferrex, in a press release, also says Gershow “has dedicated themselves to high performance by adopting our industry leading Shredder Optimizer, which focuses on maximizing productivity, efficiency, profitability and quality.”

DSC (Dynamic Shred Control) and RDL (Recycling Plant Data Logger) are described by Ferrex as “a Shredder Optimizer that increases production by up to 20 percent, improves equipment reliability, provides real time Insight into your operations, reduces maintenance costs and allows you to stay competitive in today’s difficult operating climate.”

Ferrex says Gershow Recycling also “has retained our Shredder Optimization Consulting Service, which harnesses the power of RDL and DSC to continuously improve shredder operations by maximizing tonnage and minimizing costs.”

More information on Ferrex and its products can be found at www.ferrexeng.com.


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