20 Largest Ferrous Scrap Processors / 2014

In our March 2014 issue, Recycling Today will publish an updated list of the 20 largest ferrous scrap processors in North America.

Please take a moment to supply the information requested below so that we can most accurately identify the largest ferrous scrap processors in North America. 

The key figure we are asking for is the annual amount of ferrous scrap physically handled at your company’s facilities in 2013. This would include scrap taken in at all facilities, whether it is processed further or shipped loose. For exporters, this would include all ferrous scrap purchased for export and loaded onto a vessel. This would not include scrap brokered by traders or brokers employed by the company that is never physically present at a corporate facility.

Most of the other information requested is contact information or corporate description information that does not have a direct bearing on where your company is ranked on the list.

If we do not receive a response from companies we suspect should be on the list, we will attempt to estimate tonnage handled after speaking to industry sources. 

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