2014 Recycling Today Auto Shredder List & Map

When Recycling Today last published its list of auto shredder locations in North America two years ago, more than 300 auto shredders were in operation. As that figure has certainly changed, we are updating the list for our October 2014 issue and need your information to help make the 2014 Auto Shredder List & Map complete.
Please take a moment to supply the information requested below so that we can most accurately identify all auto shredders currently in operation in North America.
The two most pertinent questions we are asking are: Does your company have an auto shredder, and, if so, is it operational? The remaining questions concern specific aspects about your auto shredder, such as mill size and manufacturer, that are optional to answer, but we would appreciate your responses. 
Please fill out one form for each auto shredder your company operates. 
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What is the size of your auto shredder?
What is the horsepower of your auto shredder?
When was your auto shredder installed?
Who manufactured your auto shredder?
Do you operate a downstream system to recover nonferrous scrap?


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